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New releases for 2012- Andreas Aleman, Albert-Hobbs Big Band

  • Eidolon is an independent record label focusing on quality music in the genres of jazz, pop, country, and adult contemporary as well as commercial music for TV, radio, films and the Internet.
  • Releases by Eidolon include: Music for Balancing Body & Mind, Impressions of the Outer Banks, Candle in the Window and Second Glances (all by Brian Hobbs) as well as Been there, done that (Monica Silverstrand) and This is Life (Andreas Aleman).
  • For 2012 Eidolon is planning two new releases, It’s the Journey (Andreas Aleman) and the Albert-Hobbs Big Band.

Eidolon Productions AB was started by songwriter/producer Brian Hobbs in 1996. Since then, Eidolon has been involved in writing and productions for artists such as Stefan Gunnarsson, Peter Friestedt/Joseph Williams, Peter Getz, Björn Skifs, Jill Johnson, Style, Andreas Aleman, Magnus Bäcklund, Monica Silverstrand, Mia Löfgren, Dotty Blue, Lena Phillipsson, Excellence, Johan Becker, Malin Jonsson and international artists in Japan, China, the Philippines, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Britain and Germany.

Eidolon Productions

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