Eidolon Productions AB was formerly an independent record label/publisher/production company focusing on quality music in the genres of jazz, pop, country, and adult contemporary as well as commercial music for TV, radio, films and the Internet.

Due to changes in the music business and consumer patterns, Eidolon Productions AB declared bankruptcy in 2012. I sincerely tried to make the company a success in a very competitive and constantly changing business. Unfortunately, due to these constant changes, inadequate financing, etc., I was forced to declare bankruptcy. If you were a shareholder in the company and need more information you can contact the bankruptcy administrator, Erik Andreasson at the law firm, DLA Nordic.

After bankruptcy proceedings were concluded I was able to buy back the creative content and the name. Currently, Eidolon is only being used to present and promote my own material and material co-written and co-produced with other artists such as Andreas Aleman.


Brian Hobbs

Eidolon Productions

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