Brian Hobbs-Music for Balancing Body & Mind


 Music for Balancing Body & Mind is Brian Hobbs’ first instrumental CD. It features Asian-inspired relaxation music and is featured in a number of spas throughout the world. The music was specifically composed to be used in Qi Gong training but many people use it purely as a relaxation/meditation CD.

Brian has also composed the background music to “The Healing Code” by acclaimed Irish author, and therapist, Dermot O’ Connor and is working on music for his next relaxation CD, “The Immortality Code”.

What people are saying about Music for Balancing Body & Mind:

Best Qi Gong CD I have heard…very good music. Nice blending of Chinese and western music- Sun Jun, China

Great background music for Qi Gong or Tai Chi…have been using this CD for my Qi Gong training and it really helps sustain the mood. Relaxing yet interesting – not boring like so many other new age things.

I can almost see and feel the music…I have been using this CD in my Qi Gong training and it helps me to stay more focused.

This CD takes me away from the everyday…since I bought your CD I have listened to itregularlyu and everytime it helps me to relax – and for a moment – escape the day-to-day pressures.


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