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IT’S THE JOURNEY- release date April 27




With his first album, THIS IS LIFE, Andreas Aleman proved that he had the voice, the songs and the grooves to make him recognized as one of Sweden’s most soulful artists….”Yeah, Andreas is the new Swedish funky boy!”- Nils Landgren…”Here’s living proof that Swedish artists are still able to create first class westcoast pop. Andreas places himself among artists like Bill Champlin, Kenny Loggins, Bill Cantos and Bobby Caldwell.”- Ola Gränshagen.

 IT’S THE JOURNEY will continue to establish Andreas as the preeminent soul singer in Sweden and a world-class performing artist.

Andreas has gained a following in Sweden through his sold-out shows at Fasching in Stockholm and is reaching new fans throughout the world. He has been invited to perform with the acclaimed band, Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, and shows are planned for Los Angeles, North Carolina and New York City along with possible tours in Russia, Italy, Spain and Germany.

 The album combines traditional soul/R&B/gospel and funk elements, which pays homage to his influences, Ray Charles, Michael McDonald, Michael Ruff and others, while maintaining his own contemporary sound. Andreas has produced, recorded and arranged the entire album and nine of the ten tracks were co-written by him.

Together with the top musicians in Sweden, Andreas has succeeded in making a second album that has all the elements of a breakout international success.

 Andreas is not a pre-fabricated artist… this is the real deal…something new in today’s music world…pure old-fashioned talent. 


It’s the Journey- Andreas Aleman


Just before the New Year we finished the final mixes for Andreas Aleman’s new album IT’S THE JOURNEY… and it certainly has been one! We started working on this album back in early 2010… a lot has happened since then… and it feels great to finally get this one out there. We have a tentative release date set for late March in Stockholm. Please check back later for the final date and place. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to making IT’S THE JOURNEY. We are truly grateful to be able to work with some of the best musicians, mixers, photographers, etc., in Sweden. Everyone did an incredible job and we’d like to sincerely thank you all.

Andreas Aleman & Brian Hobbs- January 2012


Keyboards and lead vocals: Andreas Aleman

Backing vocals: Louise Palmstierna, Pelle Ankarberg, Peter Getz, Anna Häll, Anders von Hofsten, Britta Bergström, Greta Folkesson, Suzanne Tingwall

Musicians: Christer Jansson, Tom Beimel, Andy Pfeiler, Mikael Berg Andersson, Anders Hedlund, Thobias Gabrielsson, Patrik Skogh, Wojtek Goral, Staffan Findin, Mikael Wikman, Stefan Gunnarsson,  and Jonas Gröning.

Recording and Mix: Marcus Black

Mastering: Ron Boustead

Photos, video and layout: Mats Uneland, John Honk

Members of our “This is Life” crew: Lennart Jensen, Jonna Thomasson, Nanna Brickman

Web support: Sami Vesamo, Tapani Rauha

Songwriters: Andreas Aleman, Brian Hobbs, Peter Bertilsson, Jonas André, Stefan Gunnarsson, Ron Boustead, Adam Fietz

Moral support: Mikael Engström, Scott Gross, Bengt Isaksson, Björn Söderqvist, Georges Lang, Uwe Reith, Arnaud Leger, Andrea Di Puccio, Reneé Hanqvist, Fasching, Magnus Palmqvist, Ola Gränshagen, Jerry Lopez, all the musicians that have played at Andreas’ live shows, our families and most importantly… the fans that support Andreas and his music! 

Over the next couple of months we’ll be posting samples from the albums, interviews with Andreas and behind the scenes looks at the recording process, information about the songs, etc.

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New albums coming from Brian Hobbs and Andreas Aleman

I am planning the release of my instrumental album, SECOND GLANCES in October this year. The album is a smooth mix of bossa nova, Jazz and latin-influenced music. The album is a look back at songs I have written over the last 30 years. I plan to have a release party in my home town of Elizabeth City, NC… where it all started.

ANDREAS ALEMAN is busy tracking his second album. His first album, THIS IS LIFE, got fantastic reponse from critics and fans. we plan to build on that success, so stay tuned for more slick, funky songs with Andreas’ vocals and keyboard stylings backed up by some of the funkiest musicans in Sweden. Tentative release: February 2011.

Andreas Aleman guest artist with Stockholm Soul Band

This Sunday, May 9,  at 8:00 pm, Andreas Aleman will be a guest artist with the Stockholm Soul Band at Mosebacke in Stockholm.

He is hard at work on his new album and this is probably the last chance to see him live before the album release this autumn. Don’t miss it!

Stockholm Soul Band


Thanks for all your support in 2009! 2010 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year. We have new releases planned with ANDREAS ALEMAN, MIA LOFGREN and others. We hope you enjoyed the free downloads at If you haven’t taken advantage of this it’s not too late. Please visit the site.

Now that we’re in a new year it’s  it’s always nice to acknowledge some of the people who helped us in 2009 and have been our supporters. And here they are in no special order: Thanks to:

Marcus Black

Plugged Distribution

Maria Nylén & Zarah Öberg

Mikael Engström

Arnaud Leger

Roger Thörström

Brian McGowan

Peter Ortvik

Jonna Thomasson

Mats Uneland

Magnus Palmquist, Jocke Sandhagen, Cedwin Sandanamn and the entire staff at Fasching

 Georges Lang

Florian Höll

Julie Lindahl

The American Club of Sweden

Tapani Rauha

Sami Vesamo

Daniel Ekblom

Bengt Isaksson

Takeshi Hanashima

Kenneth Bremer

Björn Söderqvist

Nils Landgren

Michael Ruff

Björn Skifs

and to all the people who have come to our shows, bought our albums or downloaded our music! And a big thank you to all the great musicians and vocal artists that participated in our recordings and shows!

We wish you all the best in 2010 and hope we can bring you some more great music!


Brian Hobbs

Eidolon Productions

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