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It’s the Journey- Andreas Aleman


Just before the New Year we finished the final mixes for Andreas Aleman’s new album IT’S THE JOURNEY… and it certainly has been one! We started working on this album back in early 2010… a lot has happened since then… and it feels great to finally get this one out there. We have a tentative release date set for late March in Stockholm. Please check back later for the final date and place. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to making IT’S THE JOURNEY. We are truly grateful to be able to work with some of the best musicians, mixers, photographers, etc., in Sweden. Everyone did an incredible job and we’d like to sincerely thank you all.

Andreas Aleman & Brian Hobbs- January 2012


Keyboards and lead vocals: Andreas Aleman

Backing vocals: Louise Palmstierna, Pelle Ankarberg, Peter Getz, Anna Häll, Anders von Hofsten, Britta Bergström, Greta Folkesson, Suzanne Tingwall

Musicians: Christer Jansson, Tom Beimel, Andy Pfeiler, Mikael Berg Andersson, Anders Hedlund, Thobias Gabrielsson, Patrik Skogh, Wojtek Goral, Staffan Findin, Mikael Wikman, Stefan Gunnarsson,  and Jonas Gröning.

Recording and Mix: Marcus Black

Mastering: Ron Boustead

Photos, video and layout: Mats Uneland, John Honk

Members of our “This is Life” crew: Lennart Jensen, Jonna Thomasson, Nanna Brickman

Web support: Sami Vesamo, Tapani Rauha

Songwriters: Andreas Aleman, Brian Hobbs, Peter Bertilsson, Jonas André, Stefan Gunnarsson, Ron Boustead, Adam Fietz

Moral support: Mikael Engström, Scott Gross, Bengt Isaksson, Björn Söderqvist, Georges Lang, Uwe Reith, Arnaud Leger, Andrea Di Puccio, Reneé Hanqvist, Fasching, Magnus Palmqvist, Ola Gränshagen, Jerry Lopez, all the musicians that have played at Andreas’ live shows, our families and most importantly… the fans that support Andreas and his music! 

Over the next couple of months we’ll be posting samples from the albums, interviews with Andreas and behind the scenes looks at the recording process, information about the songs, etc.

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Eidolon now working with singer-songwriter Malin Jonsson

Eidolon is very happy to be affiliated with singer-songwriter, Malin Jonsson. Malin’s debut album is now available through Eidolon and its distributor, Plugged Music. Malin is currently finishing up her second album, which will be released by Eidolon later this year.

“We’re very happy to be working with Malin. She’s a fantastic vocalist and guitarist and her songs have a depth of feeling that is rare today.”- Brian Hobbs

You can listen to Malin here.

 malin_jonsson_album cover


Here is a link where you can get free downloads of 2 songs by Eidolon artist, Andreas Aleman.

Just click on the link below to go to the page and get your free songs!


Happy Holidays!

New website!

Welcome to! I’m very happy to present the new Eidolon website. Special thanks go out to my friends, Tapani Rauha and Sami Vesamo for their support and for helping with this.

We are launching multiple websites today! We have new versions of,, and Please check them all out!

Exciting new things are happening. Andreas Aleman’s debut album, THIS IS LIFE, was released earlier this year to excellent reviews and his shows at Fasching have proven that he is an artist you should keep your eye on… next stop the US and other markets. We’re currently writing songs for his second album, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2010.

Eidolon is now also cooperating with the site where I’m providing seasonal music depicting the beauty of the Nordic region. Please listen to my new piece, Autumn Dreams there. I also have a new column there where I will be featuring new (and old) CDs by Nordic artists. Please check it out!

Nordic Soundscapes

New albums are also underway with Mia Löfgren and Monica Silverstrand.

Another exciting piece of news is Eidolon’s move into audio post-production in cooperation with Marcus Black of Detona Music. Through our cooperation and expertise we will be able to supply clients with the highest quality audio post-production work including mixing, editing, voiceovers and original background music/songs for commercials, documentaries, instructional videos and any type of media presentation.

As always, personally I’m involved in many different projects. For more information about all that please visit:

Also, please take a look at the media player to the right where I’m featuring songs that I and Eidolon have been involved in as a writer or producer. You can find some of those featured songs on albums in our STORE.

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you’ll come back often. I apologize for not updating the old site as often as I’d have liked to, but thanks to this new platform and technology I plan to be more active in keeping you updated. You can also sign up for our newsletter, which includes  important info about concerts, giveaways and other news. Just mail me at and write “sign me up!”. Please include your full name.

And feel free to let us know what you think about the sites.

All the best,

Brian Hobbs- Eidolon Productions

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